At Amplication we are creating a new standard for development tools, building an open-source PaaS for cloud development. Amplication is eliminating all the boilerplate, repetitive coding, infrastructure, and other boring tasks while keeping the developers with full control over their code and apps.

We are a small and dedicated team, working on making cloud development faster and easier for professional developers, with funding from top-tier investors in Israel and the Silicon Valley.

We are a developer-first company, focused on community and button-up adoption, and our software is open-source.

Work is either remote or in our office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our offices are located in Tel Aviv, near HaShalom train station.

Your Role

We are hiring a developer advocate (devrel) to help us build awareness and adoption for Amplication, and make our community members successful at building their next app with Amplication.

This role is for an experienced developer advocate who has lived through many of the challenges and has high technical and personal skills.


  • Sufficient engineering skills to build demos, call APIs, and support other engineers in developing and customizing their app with Amplication.
  • understanding how web technology works and what are the technical and business needs of web developers.
  • You must love giving talks, creating content, and building relationships with the community.
  • You should have experience organizing online or offline meetups or events.
  • You must feel comfortable guiding and mentoring other developers beginners and pros.
  • Must be able to write technical blogs, articles, and guides

Your job will include:

  • Creating the strategy and vision for all areas of advocacy including content, code, events, and community together with peer management.
  • Build inspiring demo apps using Amplication and create content that helps other developers do the same.
  • Create content around Amplication open-source project that helps open-source maintainers adopt and contribute to the project.
  • Build relationships with key users and contributors
  • Give talks at conferences and meetups.
  • Plan social content and maintain a content calendar.

Why work at Amplication?

  • Unique opportunity to shape and build the community from the ground up along with an amazing product.
  • You’ll have real influence over the product and what gets built.
  • Our engineering team takes community feedback very seriously and does our best to turn around feature requests quickly.
  • You’ll be encouraged and supported in creating open-source projects by people with experience making them.
  • You will work with founders who have a deep appreciation for the work that advocates do, derived from their personal experiences.